E6 S1- "
E4 S1- "An Exercise in Alliances"
To The Edges of The Underdark, And Back!"
E3 S1- "Bird Mayor, Thwip, and the Shakey Alliance"
Town are "Raided". "Friends", are Made...ed. "Slick" are Name-ed. (Wut?)
Ep.2 S1
Journey Past the Vast Uknown

Our intrepid band of self preservationist… i mean… heroes now lay atop the slain corpse of the so far unamed holy advisor to the shadowy figure known only as Dhrazhu or

Pilot Pt.2 "They actually make it"

Our Intrepid heroes forced their way through the ravine drawbridge

Pilot Pt.1 The (Un)Expected Escape!
Totally Didn't See that One Coming...

Our Humble Heroes have found themselves by different means, captured and put to work in a Slave Pit owned by a notorius asshole know only as “Drahzhu” Not much is known about this Shadowy figure except that he is a very wealthy and a shady collector and business man who has a estranged relationship with morality and seems to have his fingers in many pies.

Their story starts as an unexpected tremor shakes the pit.


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